Nutmeg is a widely used natural spice with a delicate and somewhat sweet taste that is used to flavour cuisines all over the world. Scientifically referred to as Myristica fragrans, the nutmeg spice is extracted from the seeds of the nutmeg tree. The nutmeg tree is indigenous to the Caribbean, Southern India as well as other tropical regions of the world.

A scientific study published in 2005 demonstrated that, in the proper dosage, nutmeg could increase libido in male rats. This backed up the traditional use of nutmeg as a powerful, natural treatment for sexual disorders in men such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Even in ancient times, the spice was used as a powerful aphrodisiac such in both the Greek and Roman civilisations due to its powerful sexual revitalisation powers 

Increases libido
Also referred to as Jaiphal, nutmeg is well known for its ability to increase erotic sensation in both men and women. It works its magic by mimicking the effects of the popular feel good hormone, serotonin, hence playing a crucial role in setting the mood right. Couple this hormonal control with its natural seductive aroma that calms the mind thus letting you focus on the task at hand and you have all you need to boost libido to formidable levels.

People with premature ejaculation benefit from nutmeg's tranquillising effects making them last longer in bed hence giving the illusion of improved stamina. It does this by numbing the male organ sensitivity thus delaying ejaculation. This is not only good news to people suffering from premature ejaculation but also helpful to people who want to last longer in bed. The slight tranquillising effects won't affect your enjoyment in any way since nutmeg will also heighten your overall erotic sensation. 

Reduces depression and anxiety
Did you know that nutmeg is also effectively used to control depression and anxiety? The spice is known to be an effective ingredient for treating depression and anxiety as its essential oil tends to ease fatigue and emotional stress. Nutmeg has adaptive properties that allow it to act as both a stimulant and sedative. Therefore, in times of great stress, these properties kick in and lower blood pressure.

As a result, one’s mood is lifted. In addition to this, nutmeg also acts as a tonic and stimulant. These properties come in handy when you are recovering from an illness or are overtired. Another important benefit of nutmeg is the fact that nutmeg also helps enhance concentration. 

Helps with debility and impotence
Yet another experimental study by researchers at the Aligarh Muslim University in India, found that nutmeg significantly increased sexual activity. The research consisted of a survey carried out on male rats. The results were as follows showed that nutmeg significantly increased the rats' mounting frequency, intromission frequency and intromission latency. Simply put, the study confirmed that nutmeg was directly responsible for the increase in sexual activity. In addition to this, the study brought to light the fact that half of the ethanolic extract from nutmeg possesses aphrodisiac properties. This extract directly affects sex drive and increases sexual libido and potency. 

Strengthens intellectual function
Nutmeg is a potent brain booster. This spice is known to not only stimulate the brain but also eliminate mental exhaustion and stress. On top of that, the components of nutmeg's essential oil, namely myristicin and macelignan, have been proven to reduce the degradation of neural pathways and cognitive function. 

These conditions often afflict people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. However, thanks to a recent study, myristicin and macelignan were discovered to slow down the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s while keeping the brain performing at a normal and healthy level. By ingesting a few pinches of nutmeg powder with your meal, you can prevent and slow down the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Lowers blood pressure and improves circulation
Nutmeg is known to contain several useful minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and manganese which are all essential for various functions in the body. Because of this, nutmeg is recognised as a valuable spice that helps to maintain organ function. For example, the potassium present in nutmeg is a vasodilator, which relaxes blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure and lowering the strain on one's cardiovascular system.

This means you can use nutmeg oil benefits to manage hypertension attacks. In addition to this, the calcium found in nutmeg is known to boost the health of bones through repair and rejuvenation. Furthermore, the iron present in nutmeg boosts red blood cell count and reduces chances of developing symptoms of iron deficiency or even anaemia. 

Helps detoxify the body
Detoxification is vital to good health. Toxins build up very quickly in the kidney and liver through everyday activities such as poor diet, pollution, stress and tobacco. Even some medications have been known to build up toxins in the kidney and liver. Luckily, nutmeg is an effective liver and kidney detoxifier. Because nutmeg is a tonic, it can eliminate the toxins that accumulate in the liver and kidney. Also, due to its tonic nature, nutmeg is proven to be effective in preventing and dissolving kidney stones. The spice has been used to dissolve kidney stones since ancient Chinese medical practices. 

Relieves pain
Nutmeg contains volatile oils which have anti-inflammatory properties which make the spice useful in treating joint and muscle pain. This is possible due to one of the major components found in nutmeg which acts similarly to menthol; a naturally occurring pain reliever. 

When nutmeg powder is heated on a pan and mixed with sesame oil then applied externally, it has been known to relieve rheumatic pain, neuralgia and even sciatica. This balm even relieves menstrual cramps, muscular and joint pain and is also used as an excellent sedative. Nutmeg acts as a pain reliever due to its many essential volatile oils such as myristicin, elemicin, eugenol and safrole.

Treats insomnia
Various ancient medicinal practices acknowledged nutmeg for its sleep-inducing and de-stressing effects. Since ancient times, Nutmeg paste, made by mixing nutmeg and honey has been given to infants who cry at night to soothe and lull them to sleep. 

This is possible because nutmeg contains a high-content of magnesium, which has been known to decrease nerve tension and even facilitates the release of serotonin. This hormone induces a feeling of relaxation or sedation which finally results in sleep.

Helps digestion
Are you are suffering from digestive issues such as diarrhoea, constipation, bloating or gas? Nutmeg is a great remedy for your tummy. Just a pinch of nutmeg in your soups or stew will result in instant relief. This is because Nutmeg contains essential oils which have a carminative effect on one’s digestive system. Also, nutmeg induces the secretion of various gastric and intestinal juices that ease the digestive process. 

In addition to this, the high fibre content in nutmeg has been observed to aid in bowel movement and generally prevent constipation. The spice has also been known to help eliminate excessive gas from one's digestive tract when ingested.

Treats bad breath
Nutmeg oil helps eliminate bad breath. It can do this due to its antiseptic properties that make it effective in combating bad breath, toothaches and aching gums. Did you know that since ancient times the spice has been used ancient dental practices and was even considered to be the “king of spices” when it came to oral health? The spice's ability to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath (halitosis) and boost the immunity of one's gums and teeth make it effective in controlling bad breath.

Even today, nutmeg and its extracts are common ingredients in organic and herbal varieties of toothpaste as well as mouthwashes due to this active and effective anti-bacterial component.